martes, 3 de mayo de 2011


desde aquel bello dia,el dia en que nacio la raza peruana el orgullo vino con ella y  el exito nos acompana en todo lo que hagamos pues nosotros somos peruanos...


The flame is a domestic artiodactyl mammal family Camelidae. Was domesticated by the Inca empire, by artificial selection, based on wild specimens of Guanaco, which, therefore, the flame drift.

Yellow tailed monkey

The yellow-tailed woolly monkey is a monkey species endemic to the Andes of Peru is in critical condition and currently there are less than 250 copies in the wild, according to IUCN.

the penguin of humbolt

The Humboldt penguin is the only penguin on our coasts. It measures 68 cm, has the black back and white chest with a white band that was born on the flanks and rises to the head, along the top of the eyes and forehead. Chest shows a black band inverted U-shaped. The beak is strong and black with gray bar cross and fleshy pink edges on the base. The iris is reddish brown and pink eye ring. Its tail is black and legs are dark gray.